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Where free speech lives.

What is Trooth?

Trooth is a solution-focused, RED-PILLED community designed for conscious community builders, activists, and educators committed to freeing humanity. 

Our platform is an uncensored alternative to the Deep State platform known as Facebook, and a superior option to other social sites for nurturing your tribe.

More than that, this is a sanctuary for truthseekers and truthsayers, minus the unhinged keyboard warriors and government-paid trolls.

We believe that HERE we have the best forum available for nurturing a thriving, conscious community - AWAY from distractions and dodgy algorithms that hide your posts from your friends and fans, making it impossible to connect and spread your message.

We make it easy.

Join Trooth if you want to:

  • Meet other compassionate “troothers” based on shared personal interests instead of mutual friends, and have deeper conversations.
  • Build a connected and engaged community around your organisation, group, or cause.
  • Get more reach on your posts (groups are your friend)! Express yourself, share your expertise, and know that you ARE being seen! 
  • Bring purpose and intent to your time on social media. Get epic community support in changing your life. 
  • Get answers and find inspiration and ideas for your passions and projects. Make better, more informed choices about your health, lifestyle, spirituality, and lots more.
  • Eliminate distractions and make your social media time rewarding.

Together we will build the free, just, and joyful world we all know in our hearts is possible.

That’s the Trooth.

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About Us

Hey! 👋👋 We're Brendan Murphy and Aimee Devlin, and we're the dynamic duo who founded Global Freedom Movement in 2014 and the Trooth network in 2018. 

I'm Brendan and I’m a philosopher-clown-composer trapped inside the body of an Australian magus who just won’t let this whole “freedom” thing go. The more “They” try to stamp out the fire, the more fuel I pour on it. 

I’m also an experienced recluse and hermit, with a penchant for writing deep and meaningful metaphysical material (like The Grand Illusion – Book 1) for years on end. I aspire to one day live underground in a cave and compose advanced symphonic prog metal sort of like the Phantom in Phantom of the Opera. 😆 Troo story. I'm also the host of Truthiverse podcast (truthiverse.com).

I'm Aimee and I'm a nature-loving creative who not-so-secretly just wants to live simply in a character-filled earth house in the woods. I'm responsible for building much of what happens behind the scenes here (which is why I'm also known as the Secret Squirrel). I'm viciously curious, skeptical of expert opinion, and despise "truth by consensus." I am not ok with simply existing here on Earth. I want us all to thrive, and to be free.

I believe it's time to demolish all our beliefs about what's "normal", to strive for a more beautiful world for ourselves and our children. To instead discover the fuel that lights our fire, and say no to those who extinguish our light. We are all worthy of a beautiful life—health, freedom, and true happiness are at our fingertips.

We look forward to meeting you in 3...2...1...join!

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